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Vera Playa, Almería

Vera Playa, Almería

  • Vera Playa, Almería
  • Vera Playa, Almería
  • Vera Playa, Almería
  • Vera Playa, Almería
  • Vera Playa, Almería

Your Neighbourhood is a series of local area guides from VIP Almeria. We’re bringing you the best of local villages combined with the latest property data. Vera Playa postcode: 04621. 

Vera as an area split into two sections and postcodes, the Village (Pueblo) and the Beach (Playa).

Vera Pueblo is a prosperous town six kilometers of the coast and has so much to offer, with many shops, restaurants rich in traditional crafts and tantalizing cuisine, including Spanish tapas - small plates of traditional food and delicacies.

Playas de Vera, as the name suggests, is along the coast and offers a wide range of activities with lush golf courses and exquisite club houses, a water park with water slides and slides spinning, shops and, of course, white sandy beaches complete with umbrella sea grass, palm trees and sparkling sea.

Why Vera Playa?

Vera as a village is a renaissance town in the levante area. It is centrally located for easy access to the main E15 Autovi­a. Within minutes you can be on one of the many beautiful beaches whilst enjoying shopping, cafes and restaurants on your doorstep.

Where to Move: 

On the Beachside, The Veramar gated complexes are very popular as are the Baria communities. Prices hold strong in these section. If you dont mind larger complexes then consider Altos de Nuevo Vera next to the water park. 

For cost effective options, 2 minutes by car, away from the beach front on Av. De Salar close to the shopping centre, Comercial Hispania, you will find gated communities such as Pueblo Salinas, Don Julian and the Al Andulus communities such as Thalasaa, Hills, Veranda Mar. Popular ones include Lomas de Mar and Salinas de Vera.

Beside Mercadona, the original gated communities such as An Andulus Residential, Lomas de Mar, Al Andulas Resort and Villas

Puerta Vera - Urban sector consisting of independent villas and more recent bespoke villa choices. 

Cabuzana - Stand alone Villas located between the Playa and Pueblo.

The Naturist area has its own gated complexes as follows:

Urb. Torre mar natura. Av. Ciudad de Valencia

Brisamar. Av Tortuga boba

Bahia de vera. Av Tortuga boba

Vera Natura. Av Tortuga boba/ Av ciudad de Valencia

Marina Natura

Parque vera 1,2. Calle ciudad de tarragona

Natsun. Calle aguadulce

Armony Natura. Calle llerida

The Cost: “Really anywhere in Spain so it is a lifestyle choice, a single could live comfortably on €1,200 — or less. A couple can live for around €2,000 a month. Eating out at Restaurants is inexpensive as are childcare, groceries transportation and sport and leisure club membership/activities.

Verais a municipality of Almería province. It has a population of 16,450 people in the two distinct areas: Pueblo (town) and Playa (beach), roughly 6 km apart.

Take me there!

The closest airport is Almeria which has a transfer time of 40 minutes. 

Covera international - Murcia airport is also within easy reach with a journey time of less han one hour and thirty minutes transfer time. 

As an alternative, Alicante airport is approximately one hour and a forty five minutes away from Vera.

What’s the story with house prices?

2020 There is a difference in the postcodes values between Village and coastal. 

The average asking prices are:

2 Bedroom Apartment - 95,000€

2 Bedroom Townhouse - 120,000€

2 Bedroom Villa - 225,000€

3 Bedroom Apartment - 95,000€

3 Bedroom Townhouse - 155,000€

3 Bedroom Villa - 300,000€

Local amenities?

There's a lot of bars, restaurants and 2 big supermarkets.
The main Supermarkets are Mercadona and Consum.

Where should I get lunch?

Some example of bars for having a coffee and lunch are: Chiringuito Mar y Arena, El Tibu, monkfish, Chiringuito los veteranos, Duna Luonge & bar and Terraza Puerto Rey sports center.

So what’s the big draw?

Vera Playa is a touristic place with beautiful beaches. All beaches are connected so you can walk along the beaches.
There's also and water park called Parque Acuático Vera, where you can enjoy a lovely day with slides and different pools.

What do people love about it?

"It meets all the requirements, fine sand, wide beaches where although there are many people you are not crowded, hot and calm water, with ease for bathing and swimming ....
In addition all services, rescue, beach bars, wc, access adapted to handicaps, hammock service"

And what’s my new local?

One amazing place to go for a drink and chill is Pub Maraú, which is just in front of the beach.
Other mentions are: Lua Puerto Rey, Pub Millonaire and Armony Beach Club.


If you like argentinian food you should go to B2Mohana.

Schools and supermarkets?

The main supermarkets in Vera Playa are Consum which is beside Water Park and Mercadona.
The only school that is in Vera Playa is the private school Valdeserra which is beside Mercadona. If you want public school, children has to go to Vera Pueblo.

OK, I’m sold. Give me one piece of local trivia to impress a local

Did you know that Vera has a one kilometer long naturism beach?

It is a specific area that houses the council-accredited naturist resort and holds a Guinness Record since 2013.

The challenge was to overcome the 508 naked bathers and it was more than done. 729 totally naked people gathered at El Playazo de Vera to win the previous record holders achieved on a beach in New Zealand. The participants of Almería took the title a

Vera Playa has a mix of textile and non textile areas clearly marked. The Naturist beach is located in the northern part of Playa del Playazo, once the promenade ends, and it has naturist hotels, urbanizations and restaurants. This area is world famous among the faithful to naturism for being the first European enclave officially declared for the practice of nudism.

There are a number of large beaches, north of Garrucha is Las Marinas - Bolaga then Puerto Rey. El Playazo is split into 2 parts as it is more than 2 kilometers in length into Textile and non-textile areas. The last section is Quitapellejos beach, also known as Cala Marqués which covers overall 6km of Vera Playa. 

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